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Site News: Do We Owe You A T-Shirt?

At long last, we've restocked our supply of BON t-shirts, and this time with ample quantity of each size, for those who we couldn't accomodate with our first order.

There are about a dozen people who we owe t-shirts, and while I'll be combing through my email archives to figure out who, exactly, we owe what, you can make sure you make your proper claim by emailing us with a reminder, just to be sure. There are a bunch of weekly winners from the Pick 'Em league who we still owe shirts, so each of you ought to get in touch. Be sure to include a mailing address and t-shirt size, so we know where to send your shirt.

For those who got in touch with us about purchasing a shirt: if we didn't have your size before, we'll have it now. Again, please just shoot us an email and restart the ordering process and we'll be glad to get shirts out to you.

Last, we'll note that we're in the process of opening an online store, where you'll be able to get the standard BON shirt, as well as a host of others (including some cool designs from billyzane). Once we're finished with the set up for the store, we'll be all set to print on demand, and should never encounter a problem like this again.