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Morning Coffee

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The Longhorns swiped nine bases, scored in six of their eight at-bats, and routed UT-Arilington 9-4 on Tuesday afternoon at the Dell Diamond. Joseph Krebs and Randy Boone combined for 4 2/3 innings of shutout relief to help keep Texas out in front. With the win, the Horns move to 2-2 on the season before this weekend's road trip to California to take on Long Beach State.

Today is national signing day, though there remains little - if any - drama for Texas fans. Barring an unexpected surprise, Texas' class is all set. You can view Texas' entire 24 man class here. The only semi-rumor floating around right now surrounds four-star defensive end Russell Carter. Rivals is reporting that there are whispers from sources in Arizona that Mike Stoops has been trying his darndest to get a switch on signing day. I don't see it happening.  Mack Brown will be having a signing day press conference today at 3:30, which fans can watch live on streaming internet broadcast at MB-TF.

Someone needs to get Richard Justice to a doctor. His blog of late has just been so wacky that I'm convinced he's unstable. Someone who reads his stuff with more regularity will have to let me know if this is par for the course, or if he seems unusually hellbent on writing sensational crap just to get people fired up. What's strangest of all is that he's writing such obvious flare pieces, then, today, acting befuddled and indignant that he's receiving harsh reactions. What'd you expect, RJ?

Football Outsiders ran a blurb about MDS' interview over here, which has opened the forum for reader comments on Vince Young. I must say, as someone who's seen nearly every snap of VY's career, I always find it interesting to read other folks' opinions on him - especially those that are seeing him for the first few times.

Briefly, around the blogosphere (all links will pop to new windows). . . Carolina March will have you know: the Cameron Crazies are a bunch of toolbags. . . Mike wants Louisville fans to have the decency to honor the most important man in UL hoops history. . . Corn Nation has read and is reviewing One Heartbeat II: The Road To The National Championship, a look at Texas national title winning season, as told by Bill Little and Mack Brown. . . The offseason in football means different things to different people. At BON, it means beauty pageants. Almost everywhere else, it means dusting off the hammers to beat up CFR and HP for their 'offensive revolution' theories.