Cyclone Basketball Primer

I figured I'd give you guys a little cheat sheet so you know what to expect tomorrow.

PG - 3 - Corey McIntosh
SG - 24 - Mike Taylor
SF - 4 - Wesley Johnson - will jump tip-off
PF - 13 - Rahshon Clark
C - 33 - Jiri Hubalek
G - 1 - Dodie Dunson
F - 25 - Jessan Gray
F - 40 - Ross Marsden
F - 31 - Cory Johnson
G - 23 - Chris Ceaser
G - 2 - Brock Jacobson

PG Corey McIntosh - 6' 0"
Was JC player of the year in California last year but has had a really tough time stepping into the starting role at ISU. Decent ball-handler, but has a nasaty habit of picking up his dribble at the wrong time. Susceptible to the five second call. Won't score at all, and is somewhat turnover prone. His playing time will be predicated on his ball security. Not a 3-point threat. Looks like Don Cheadle. Should really be a nonfactor in the game.

SG Mike Taylor - 6' 2"
Best scoring threat on the team. Can score from anywhere on the court, because he'll shoot from anywhere. He's like that guy on NBA live who dribbles around and around in circles til he either gets an open shot or turns it over. Leads Big 12 in turnovers (and maybe the nation) by a LOT. Does have decent assist numbers. Definite 3 point threat. Has gotten harder for him to score in conference action. A bit of a knucklehead for sure, but he's capable of dropping 30 if conditions are right.

SF Wesley Johnson - 6' 8"
It's been said he's the best non-Durant freshman in the conference. The two-star out of Corsicana didn't play ball his senior year. He was 5' 11" when entering high school, so he's retained his guard skills. Good ball handler for a guy his size. Thin as a rail, but doesn't get pushed around a ton. To that end, he's not particularly agressive to the hole. Has a 41" vertical - guy can sky. Averaging something like 13 and 9 a game. Decent three point shooter. Look for him to possibly be matched up on Durant due to athleticism, but there's still doubt he can handle Durant's physicality to the point where he'll be the guy on him.

PF Rahshon Clark - 6' 6"
Nowhere near the scoring threat he was last year. He's a bruiser down low as he's gotten stronger, and he's getting to more boards. He's little threat to score like he was last year. He's got the ability in him, but he's just not putting the ball in the cylinder. Capable of the higlight reel dunk, but is capable of being irrelevant on the court. Probably our best defender in the starting lineup, and could guard Durant, if anyone on our team can contain him to 40 points. Is the leader of the team.

C Jiri Hubalek - 6' 11"
Has started to break out this year, but I don't think he knows he's 6' 11". He either has a pleasant game or plays like poo. Capable of a double-double. Won't dunk. If Durant got all the looks that Hubalek got, he'd drop 50 per game. Not as much of a threat to foul as he was in years past. Can get a bit of a temper, and I'm not sure he's right in the head. Will shoot and miss the occasional three. He's a 24 year old junior, but you wouldn't know it. Will likely disappoint.


G Dodie Dunson - 6' 2"
Probably our smartest backcourt player, which is good for a freshman. He's our best defender at the guard position, and can catch fire (i.e. almost single handedly defeating Mizzou). Is more likely to be a nonfactor. Really should be the starting PG, but he'll get his minutes anyways. Dynamite FT shooter who has lost a bit of his touch lately. Mediocre three point shooter.

F  Jessan Gray - 6' 10"
Best pure shooter on the team. Doesn't bang around a whole lot down low and likely won't see many minutes. Definite three point threat, but that's not what he'll be brought in to do. Will likely be the guy to spell Clark.

F Ross Marsden - 6' 10"
Is basically a medium sized tree who I'm told plays basketball. No threat to score, board, or really ball for that matter. Will spell Hubalek for a couple of minutes.

F  Cory Johnson - 6' 7"
Might play. Undersized big who is always looking to score. Gives a great effort, but needs another year, which is why he might redshirt next year. Could drop 10 if he gets his looks, which he likely won't. Nice outside touch, and great hair.

G Chris Ceaser - 6' 4"
Walkon who helped shutout Aaron Bruce. Gives effort but won't be physically up to the task againt Texas, most likely. Can hit a three.

G Brock Jacobson - 6' 2"
If he plays before the game has been decided, I'll drive down to Austin to lasso McDermott. Supposed sharpshooter who is hitting 29% of his threes. Takes a solid 17 seconds to set up for a three, then another 6 to shoot it. When he tries to rush his shot, he misses badly.


We'll run a straight man for most of the game unless McD has thrown some chinks in the armor to slow down Durant. W. Johnson/Clark would be the guys on him. We'll definitley try to slow it down unless there's a great opportunity on the fast break. If we don't try and go down low (I don't care if Durant is down there) we'll lose badly unless we hit like 15 threes. It might be a decent game. I'd predict Texas to win by twenty. I also think it'll be awesome to see Wesley Johnson and Kevin Durant matchup.

If you've got any additional questions, fire away.


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