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Morning Coffee

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About 2,500 tickets remain for tomorrow afternoon's home hoops game against Iowa State. I'll be on the road to Dallas for a wedding, which means a date with Craig Way. Those in Austin are encouraged to get your tickets ahead of time.

Speaking of men's hoops, if any of you listened to Longhorn Sportsline with Rick Barnes last night, you heard me call into the show to ask coach a question. I queried Rick on the challenges of this particular roster and finding the right five guys to have out on the floor. I mentioned the difficulties with leaving AJ and DJ in together because they're so small, as well as the new problems that arise if you sub out one of the quicker guys who can help Texas push the pace. Rick said that the challenge I was asking him about was the #1 thing he and his staff are struggling through right now, and that finding the right answer in each game was probably the key to the rest of the season.

Baseball opens a three game set at Long Beach State at 8:30 this evening. James Russell, who pitched well against USD in his first start this season, is likely to take the mound first tonight for the 'Horns.

Last, but not least, txtwister7 points us to a Bill Simmons article on his love for Kevin Durant. I'm working on a full reaction for later today.