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Selection Show Live Blog

Congratulations to both Texas and Kansas for a great game played and a great season in the Big 12. Extra congrats to Kansas for the Big 12 championship. Disappointing that we let Kansas come back to win that one, but it shouldn't have too much bearing (if any) on the brackets. Kansas was likely a #1 either way, and the committee likely had Texas slotted into the #3 or #4 spot regardless. I personally think we're getting the #3.

Time to find out. . .

We'll be posting updates to the post as brackets are announced. Your thoughts in the comment section below.

  • Two minutes to bracket announcements. Matchups more important than actual seeds - keep that in mind.
  • Midwest region first - bad sign for UCLA. Florida's a #1.
  • UNC in the East; Ohio State in the South; Kansas heads West. UCLA bumped down. Will they stay out West? Unlikely.
  • Too much blabbering. RELEASE THE BRACKETS!
  • By the way, UCLA getting bumped down is probably a bad sign for the Pac 10. Keep that in mind as we look for whether Oregon gets a #3 (I say no) and if Stanford sneaks in (it'll be damn close).

  • Purdue in comfortably. Tough #8/#9 matchup for Florida.
  • Badgers play in Chicago. Oregon DOES get the #3. Bump Texas to #4?
  • No one in that bracket that's going to take out Florida. Book your tickets to Atlanta, Gator fans.

  • Kansas second round draw versus winner of Kentucky/Villanova. Not a gimme draw at all.
  • Great draw for Illinois - sneak in at #12 -and- get to stay in Ohio. Nice for them.
  • UCLA in the West. Ouch for Kansas. Wow.
  • Salukis a #4. Texas still alive for that #3 seed.
  • This is a big, physical bracket. Whoever emerges is going to have to bang their way through. Get ready for some UCLA Ben Howland thug ball. They'll try to defend their way to Atlanta.
  • Tough break for Kansas, who gets a #1 seed, but no advantage at all. Might as well have made UCLA a #1 and Kansas the #2. The committee befuddles, sometimes. They say, "Kansas is more deserving than UCLA, but we'll give UCLA the advantage in the bracket." That's f-cked.

  • Some tough #8/#9 matchups here.
  • WOW! USC a #5 seed. Thought they might be a touch lower. They draw Arkansas, who gets in for their tourney run.
  • Aaaand. . . the bomb drops. Texas is the #4 with UNC. Love our chances to get to the Sweet 16, but beating UNC will be a battle.
  • Too much Pac 10 love in these brackets so far. I'm disappointed. That conference was grossly overrated. Wow. BOOOOO!
  • Great draw for the Hoyas. They should have no trouble getting to the Elite Eight.

  • Nice easy draw for Ohio State to the Sweet 16.
  • Tennessee with the respect from the Committee once again - last year a #2, this year a #5.
  • Not much mid-major love so far this year. Dick Vitale going to go bonkers.
  • Louisville gets to stay in Lexington?! Tough break for the Aggies. But, if they survive, they get to come down to San Antonio?! I'm confused.