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Morning Coffee

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I'm not sure how we can start with anything other than Jody Conradt's retirement. 900 wins. A 34-0 national title season in 1986. A 99 percent graduation rate among her players. And the class and dignity to step aside when the time was right. I'm not a big fan or student of the game of women's basketball, but I'm a fan of this university, and Jody Conradt was truly wonderful to it, and to us. Congratulations on a wonderful career, Jody. I hope they give you a nice corner office in the AD so your presence can remain with the program.

Lost in the basketball mayhem was another strong weekend for the baseball team, which took two of three games from Miami (Ohio). In game one, Redhawk pitcher John Ely broke down Texas for a complete game, 6-2, win. Texas slaughtered Miami in game two, though, as Adrian Alaniz tossed a complete game of his own. Alaniz allowed just two hits, walked none, and struck out seven. If that's a sign of Alaniz turning the corner, Texas is going to be incredibly difficult to beat in Omaha. Kyle Russell had a home run and 4 RBI in the 10-0 win. On Sunday, Travis Tucker and Nick Peoples paced the offense to a 10-4 win. Texas plays Winthrop today tomorrow at the Disch at 6:05 p.m.

Turning outside the 40 Acres: Yost and his gang are back from a hiatus to produce their first ever commercial. Funny as always. . . Dan Shanoff and I are about to embark on an afternoon email exchange in which we'll basically talk tournament for four straight hours. The conversation will be posted both here and at . . I think we'll actually save this for after Texas' elimination from the tournament, but you can start playing with it now: MGoBlog's third down efficiency charts. Wonderful stuff. . . Joakim Noah is a f-cking freak. . . Donate for a good cause, if you please. . . Dave is not happy to be looking at this again. . .