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March Madness Day One: Eary Evening Session

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The first half of day one is behind us, and I'm amped for six more hours of fun. Tonight's early schedule:

7:10 p.m. (6) Duke vs (11) Virginia Commonwealth

7:10 p.m. (1) Ohio State vs (16) Central Connecticut State

7:20 p.m. (8) Marquette vs (9) Michigan State

7:25 p.m. (2) UCLA vs (15) Weber State

We'll be with you here on BON, but be sure to join the SBN Tourney Hub at Card Chronicle throughout the evening for updates from across the country.

If you're a Bruins or Buckeye fan, enjoy the games with fellow fans at Around The Oval and Bruins Nation.

And last - your score predictions? Mine to start the comments...