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Saturday College Hoops Open Thread

The Schedule

12:10 (1) Ohio State vs (9) Xavier (Locally televised)

2:20 (4) Maryland vs (5) Butler

2:40 (3) Texas A&M vs (6) Louisville (Locally televised)

4:40 (3) Washington State vs (6) Vanderbilt

4:45 (2) Georgetown vs (7) Boston College (Locally televised)

4:50 (3) Pittsburgh vs (11) VCU

7:10 (2) UCLA vs (7) Indiana

7:15 (1) North Carolina vs (9) Michigan State (Locally televised)

If my wordy previews weren't enough, or if you love cold hard data, make sure to spend your afternoon glued to Hack The Bracket, which has more than enough statistical goodies to keep you busy.

Enjoy the games today, boys and girls. Anyone got any stunners they care to put on the record?