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Sunday College Hoops Open Thread

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The final previews of the day are on the way. In the meantime, here's your open thread for all the non-Texas games.

The Schedule

11:10 (4) Virginia vs (5) Tennessee

1:15 (1) Florida vs (9) Purdue

1:30 (2) Wisconsin vs (7) UNLV

1:40 (4) Southern Illinois vs (5) Virginia Tech

1:50 (3) Oregon vs (11) Winthrop

3:45 (2) Memphis vs (7) Nevada

4:00 (1) Kansas vs (8) Kentucky

4:15 (4) Texas vs (5) USC

If my wordy previews weren't enough, or if you love cold hard data, make sure to spend your afternoon glued to Hack The Bracket, which has more than enough statistical goodies to keep you busy.

Enjoy the games today. . .