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Morning Coffee

Friday, March 2, 2007
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Andy Katz has a, um, positive article on Durant at the top of On the one hand, it's a pretty good feature. On the other, it's hard to read it without thinking, "The end is almost here."

I don't want to think about that. Forget I said anything.

Spring football is well under way, but other than the firs two practices, everything's cut off from the media. That means we're stuck with MB-TF for our direct updates. The latest featurette is a Larry MacDuff interview in which we learn. . . well, nothing.

Mark Rosner notes that Texas is bound to be tired for their trip to Lawrence. Kansas played on Monday, while Texas needed double overtime to take care of A&M on Wednesday. The disadvantage in rest, combined with the Jayhawks advantages in depth and home court, stack the deck pretty badly against Texas. I'll be shocked if Texas pulls the upset. KenPom gives us about a 12% chance of winning.

#13 Texas (9-6) hosts Oral Roberts (4-5) for a three game set this weeked at the Disch. First game is today at 2:30, and lefty James Russell (2-1, 3.28 ERA) is the probable starter for the Horns. Texas batters are striking out too much so far this year, but that's really the only knock on the offense to this point. Texas is slugging a healthy .498, paced by monstrous starts from Jordan Danks and Bradley Suttle.