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What Would You Do For One More Year?

I teased this up prior to Texas' exit to the tourney, noting it would have to wait until we were officially eliminated. Sadly, that day is here too soon, but it does mean we can start to make our KD Promises.

Here's how this will work. You make a promise - to yourself and to BON: "If Kevin Durant returns to Texas for another year, I will ____"

Simple as that. Think it over, make a promise, stick it in the comment section as a matter of public record. If it's something verifiable with photo evidence - all the better.

Now, as a matter of note - you don't have to promise anything ridiculous (though you should). It could be as simple as, upon arriving at your office, screaming: "I LOVE KEVIN DURANT!" That would work. Still, think big here. We would edit that promise to going into your office and yelling, "I LOVE KEVIN DURANT! SO MUCH SO THAT I'M NOT WEARING UNDERPANTS TODAY! SEE?!"

You get the idea. Think of it like Kevin Durant Lent. You make a little sacrifice for a shot at redemption.

I'll go first. If Kevin Durant returns to Texas for another year, I'll watch 10 WNBA games in one season. . .

Okay, no, I'm not willing to do that. Here's what I will do, though. If KD announces he's returning, I'll make 20 t-shirts that read, "I Sold My Soul For One More Year Of Kevin Durant" and give 'em away to the first twenty BON'ers who make a (verifiable) KD pledge below.

Leave your KD promise in the comment section below, and email all your friends and urge them to do the same.  We'll keep this post hovering near the top of the page at all times. Make your deal with the devil, starting now.