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Morning Coffee

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Not sure what to do after work tomorrow? Austinites can head to the Disch for a 6:05 p.m. first pitch against Texas State. If you're looking for a Big 12 baseball update, Corn Nation has the week in review. Last, several folks have noted it in the diaries, but we're due a mention on the main page: congratulations to Coach Garrido for picking up his 1,600th win this weekend versus Baylor. Simply amazing. . .

If you can't make the game, I hope you'll clear some space on the evening calendar to chat with Orson and I during EDSBS Live on the radio. We had three BON'ers call in and chat with us last week, which was a lot of fun. I hope the turn out is strong again tonight. Tonight's show topic: the NFL Draft. Details later today.

Sticking with football, Mack Brown's chat with the press today following the team's return to spring workouts is an interesting one, for a change. Mack was unusually specific about player developments, position switches, and the depth chart. I highly recommend taking a few minutes to read it. Among the more interesting notes:

  • Brian Ellis has been moved to defensive tackle (good move, especially with Lokey and Okam graduating this season).
  • Henry Melton is playing strong football at defensive end.
  • The Spring Scrimmage (Saturday at noon) will feature a formation of players from each past decade, who will run a popular play from that era. Kind of an interesting pre-scrimmage gimmick, but one I like.
Tim Brewster, the assistant coach who recruited Vince Young to Texas, has delivered another present to the Longhorns: his son, Nolan. The Denver area safety - considered one of the nation's top prospects at the position - announced his commitment to Texas over the weekend, bringing Texas' commit total to 17. Nolan Brewster had narrowed his choices to Texas, Florida, USC, and his Minnesota (where his father now coaches). Nice pickup for Mack Brown.

There was a question about what Texas might still do with recruiting now that we're already up to a class of 17. The first thing to know is that Mack has two offers outstanding that he'd love to get commitments from - Klein wide receiver DeSean Hales and Garland defensive lineman Chancey Aghayere. Beyond those two, Mack Brown can afford to sit back, be picky, and scan the horizon for anyone that looks promising. One position Texas really does need to recruit is linebacker, but the '08 class in the state of Texas is pretty thin there. It wouldn't be shocking to see Mack Brown pull in a linebacking recruit or two from out of state. As always, for the most in depth recruiting news, keep your eye on Orangebloods.

Last, a quick tour around the 'sphere. . . The most common response I hear to my "Gus Johnson Sucks" take is that he looooves the sport, a characteristic we should admire. To be honest, I -do- admire that in Gus, but it doesn't bear any relevance on whether I want him calling basketball games I watch. . . Kyle's not just a good writer, he has great ideas. Like the annual conference realignment series. Required reading. . . Mike gets totally wasted and posts to BSD. . . SMQ rejoices. . . Captain DHab files suit for copyright infringement. . .