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Morning Coffee

First things first: obviously we installed some upgrades to the site. They'll take a little getting used to for both of us. If you notice big problems, please let us know so we can get things fixed. In general, though, we're confident that the changes are for the better and that once we're all used to the new system, we'll come to prefer it.  In the meantime, we appreciate your patience. Onward...

What did we learn from last night's action?

  • Acie Law does not share genes with Vince Young.
  • Ohio State is living on the edge.
  • Memphis is the most athletically gifted team in the NCAA tournament.
  • You can't out-Ben Howland Ben Howland.
  • This year's Kansas team is more mature than previous years' Jayhawk squads.
  • Tennessee goofed by not putting the ball in Lofton's hands for the final shot.
  • Chris Douglas-Roberts is near impossible to stay in front of.
  • The best basketball team in the history of Texas A&M is a Sweet 16 team.

Moving on, some encouraging words from Colt McCoy's chat with the press following Thursday's practice. McCoy, upon being asked about the running game, said, "We’ve been in the weight room a lot and we’ve got some tired legs out there, but we really ran the ball well today, so that’s good to see.  Chris Ogbonnaya is doing really well.  He’s played his role for the last few years but he is coming on really well and going to be a presence out there with Jamaal next year."

Yes! Music to my ears. I (and EOB) have been saying for some time now that Ogbonnaya deserves greater consideration for meaningful snaps. The kid runs like Priest Holmes, and has that finishing instinct. Maybe the coaches don't get it yet, but it sounds like Colt might. I'm looking forward to seeing Chris run in the Spring Game.

Speaking of which: Spring Game is next Saturday at noon at DKR. BON plans for the game forthcoming.

You know what I can't figure out? (Besides what I was doing in Utah this morning?) Why Nike would have Kobe Bryant, of all people, call Kevin Durant to make a pitch. How exactly did that phone call go?

KD: This is Kevin.

Kobe: Hey Kevin; it's Kobe. What's goin' on my man?

KD: I'm cool. What's up?

Kobe: I'm just calling to try to get you to the league, man. You gotta come play with us. It's so much better than college.

KD: You think so? I just feel like I may want to do one more year here. How was your freshman year?

Kobe: [long silence]

KD: You're a tool.

Kobe: I scored 60 last night.

KD: Everyone hates you.

Kobe: [pause] 60 points.

The #10 ranked Longhorn baseball team (20-7, 3-0), winners of seven straight (including a three-game sweep of Baylor to start conference play) return to the diamond tonight to take on Kansas State (17-4, 0-0). Big lefty James Russell is the probable starter for this evening's 6:00 p.m. game; Adrian Alaniz will likely start Saturday (2:00 p.m.), with Joseph Krebs taking the mound on Sunday (1:00 p.m.).