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EDSBS Live Radio Tonight

We're moving the show up a half hour, and running for an hour and a half, so join us at 6:30 Central Time as we talk college football once again.

Tonight's topic? College football media. How much do you hate Mark May? Why doth Lou Holth thlobber?

Tonight's guest? Dan Shanoff, former Page 2 writer, now of

Tonight's Four Questions for callers?

  1. Identify your favorite television announcer/feature/widget. I.e., something the people who bring you sports get right.
  1. Identify something you’d like to see obliterated from the face of television.
  1. Which non-broadcasting celebrities would make the best and worst color commentators for college football games?
  1. Name an antisocial behavior you have fantasies about indulging. Example? Growing really, really long ratty sideburns and combing them in public like an Allman Brother.

Join us at the EDSBS LIVE SHOW PAGE starting at 6:30.

See y'all then...