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Top 40 Longhorns Of All Time: 1990-1999

As we did yesterday with the players during the 2000s, today we'll look at Texas' All Americans from the 1990-1999 seasons for consideration on the Top 40 Longhorns Of All Time list. Note that not every great Longhorn player received All America honors, so think about players not on this list who are worthy of consideration.

-Players listed in alphabetical order.
-An asterisk indicates consensus first team All American

1990-99 All Americans

1998 Ben Adams
1995* Tony Brackens
1994 Blake Brockermeyer
1999 Kwame Cavil
1996 Phil Dawson
1991 Shane Dronett
1995, 1996 Pat Fitzgerald
1992 Lance Gunn
1999 Casey Hampton
1998 Jay Humphrey
1995, 1996* Dan Neil
1990 Stanley Richard
1999 Roger Roseler
1996 Bryant Westbrook
1997*, 1998* Ricky Williams

Your thoughts on the players above? Any names jumping out at you as potential Top 40 Longhorns? Ricky Williams, Casey Hampton, and Phil Dawson are all "locks" in my mind...