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Morning Coffee

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Another game, another home run for Kyle Russell. The #9 ranked Longhorns won their Tuesday night clash with #8 Rice last night 6-4 behind home runs from Kyle Russell (his 16th) and Russell Moldenhauer. The Longhorns allowed four unearned runs to score because of three errors, and Rice coach Wayne Graham said after the game, "If their pitching comes around, they're the best team in the country. I don't think there is any doubt about that." Agreed.

Kevin Durant has been plastered all over the front page of TexasSports lately, both because he continues to rack up the postseason awards and because the athletic department no doubt would like to remind him how much he's appreciated (and how much we'd love for him to stick around). Durant was named the player of the year by three more organizations yesterday; PHF has all of Durant's awards in one place for you. (For the record, in my dreams last night, Durant turned pro. Needless to say, they were nightmares.)

Not much else for you this morning. Sadly, I'm at a "staff retreat" (ugh) all day, so I'll leave you to debate the players from the 1980s and look forward to joining the discussion when I return this evening.