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Morning Coffee

Let's start with football, shall we? The Spring Game is this Saturday at noon, though the gates to DKR will open at 11:00 a.m. A note to any fans hoping to tailgate: the side streets surrounding the west, south, and east of the stadium will be closed for a 5k event. I'm going to be planning my own tailgate tomorrow, so if I learn anything of value, I'll pass it along to you.

If you're not in Austin this Saturday, there will be other ways to follow the action. AM 1300 The Zone will be broadcasting the game both over the local airwaves and via a live streaming internet feed. Additionally, MB-TF says that the game will be televised on Fox Sports Southwest. If that's correct it's great news for fans not in the area.

Speaking of MB-TF, presser transcripts from this week are up, including a view on the progress of the offense from Greg Davis and Limas Sweed, as well as some notes on the defense from Duane Akina, Brian Orakpo, and Derek Lokey.

Allow me a brief word on the commentary on the various decade lists of Longhorn football players: for starters, thank you. You'll be hard pressed to find a bigger fan of Longhorn football than myself, and though I've become quite the student of Longhorn history, it's simply impossible for a 27 year old - however big a fan - to have a complete perspective on every Longhorn great. My own knowledge base and opinions of these players is already tenfold what it was before we embarked on this project together. Please, by all means, keep the commentary coming.

There have been some legitimate questions about the format of the list, and honestly, after taking in all this commentary, I'm still working through how I'll compile the final product. For now, just note that it's a fluid process and I'm taking every comment into consideration. Again: thanks.