Back from the KU game

Observations from the game:

  1. I was surprised at how physical KU was with Augustin behind the three-point line. Whenever he crossed in the second half, they just collapsed on him. When Durant went out, he did a hell of a job keeping the team in the game. I've told my friends before that while Durant may be the greatest Longhorn basketball player ever, Augustin is my favorite on this team.
  2. Depth was the difference. Without Durant, the Horns' main guys seemed to wear down as KU rolled out more All-Americans. Augustin looked tired at the free throw line near the end.
  3. Allen Fieldhouse really is a tough place to play. When the Jayhawks are playing well, it's about as loud as the Texas/OU football game.
  4. Obviously, what an amazing first-half for the Horns. It's amazing how far this team has come and learned to play with Durant. Everyone seemed to make KU pay for double teaming KD. Wish that could have been sustained in the second half.
  5. I can't wait for the NCAA tournament.

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