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Big 12 Tournament Seeds

The Longhorns have concluded their regular season with an impressive 12-4 mark, earning the #3 seed in the Big 12 tournament. But who will they face?

Texas will play in the quarterfinals of the Big 12 tournament on Friday night at 8:20 PM Normally, after the final Saturday of the regular season, we'd know who slotted into each seed, but this year is different. Oklahoma State still must travel to Lincoln on Monday to take on the Cornhuskers to make up a game that was postponed in January due to bad weather.

Even with one Big 12 regular season game remaining, eight of the seeds are already set.

1.    Kansas 14-2
2.    Texas A&M 13-3
3.    Texas 12-4
4.    Kansas State 10-6
5.    Texas Tech 9-7
6.    Missouri 7-9
7.    ???
8.    ???
9.    ???
10.   ???
11.    Baylor 4-12
12.    Colorado 3-13

Texas will face the winner of Thursday night's #6 Missouri vs. #11 Baylor matchup. The 'Horns handily defeated the Tigers early in the conference season in Austin and swept the Bears in two close games.

If Oklahoma State defeats Nebraska, the missing seeds fall this way:

  1. Oklahoma State 7-9
  2. Iowa State 6-10
  3. Oklahoma 6-10
  4. Nebraska 5-11
If Nebraska defeats Oklahoma State, all four teams would finish 6-10 in the conference, and I'll let the Big 12 conference figure out the tie breakers in that scenario.

Update [2007-3-4 1:25:21 by awiggo]: According to the Big 12, the outcome of the Oklahoma State and Nebraska game will not alter any of the seeds. They will be as listed above: #7 OSU vs. #10 Nebraska and #8 Iowa State vs. #9 Oklahoma.