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BON NCAA Projected Seeds March 5th

Not much has changed since last Thursday but it's always fun to speculate. The power conferences start their tournaments on Wednesday (Pac 10 and Big East) and Thursday (ACC, Big 10, Big 12, SEC). It's single elimination for the next week before the Big Dance starts the following Thursday, March 15th.

Here is what I think the top four seeds would look like if the tourney started today.

No. 1: UCLA, North Carolina, Ohio State, Kansas
No. 2: Florida, Wisconsin, Memphis, Texas A&M
No. 3: Georgetown, Pittsburgh, Washington State, Maryland
No. 4: Southern Illinois, Nevada, UNLV, Tennessee

Close: Texas, Virginia, Marquette, Virginia Tech

Big 12 Bids
Lock: Kansas, Texas A&M, Texas
Likely: Texas Tech
Bubble: Kansas State
Bubble Burst: Oklahoma State