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Wednesday, March 7, 2007
Powered By: Championship Week

The conclusion of the regular season means award mania: votes Kevin Durant Player of the Year. Rick Barnes is the Associated Press Big XII Coach of the Year. Matt Hill wins BON Coif of the Year.

In case you missed it in the diaries, the Chicago Sports Review makes the case for Texas as Syracuse 2003. The similarities are noteworthy, but these teams are significantly different in a few important regards. First and foremost, Syracuse could play a mean, mean zone. I needn't tell you that Texas cannot. Second, that team was l-o-n-g. One reason this Texas team is likely to get bumped during the tournament at some point is that our guards are so small. Even when they -do- rotate properly on the perimeter, they're not long enough to alter the shots of good shooters. With that said, there's a chance Texas could win six straight games in the tournament, but if they do, it will be as one of the greatest offensive teams of all time.

The Longhorn baseball team took care of Texas A&M Corpus Christi yesterday, 10-6, behind a career-high 5 RBI from Travis Tucker. The 'Horns pounded out 16 hits to win their fourth straight.

There's a nice feature on Colt McCoy and Texas on CNNSI, though one of the quotes burns a little bit. Talking about McCoy in the A&M game, Greg Davis says, "In hindsight, he shouldn't have played. He was cleared to play, he wanted to play, we wanted him to play, but in hindsight, he wasn't himself."

Jason Mayer notes in this diary that the buck stops with Mack Brown, and I agree. The coaching staff as a group is at fault for going with a semi-effective McCoy over a full strength Jevan Snead. There's no sense in getting worked up about it all over again, but it's worth noting for several reasons. Most importantly, the staff needs to work hard to develop the #2 quarterback behind Colt this year. We'll all hope and pray he makes it through the 12 game season unscathed, but there needs to be someone the coaches can trust to play if McCoy gets banged up.

Later today: Geoff Ketchum gives us a full report on spring football workouts.