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Pre-Register For BON Tournament Challenge

The brackets will be announced on Sunday evening, at which point we'll all start studying to create the perfect bracket. This year's NCAA Tournament Challenge at BON is going to be an especially fun one, as we've got some great prizes and - we hope - an even bigger pool of participants than last year.

We're doing this year's tournament on software provided by, and we urge you to register for the BON league ahead of time, in case you have any problems.

Here's what you do:

  1. Go to the Bracket Battles log in page
  2. Register as a new user (Rivals subscribers need only to log in with their current information)
  3. Important: Make sure in registering that you select your team home page. Only entrants who meet this requirement will be eligible for the prizes.
  4. Upon completing registration, search for the league: "Burnt Orange Nation Official Bracket"
  5. Sign up
When brackets are announced on Sunday, you'll be able to fill in your picks.

Scoring this year will be as follows:

Round 1: 10 points per correct pick
Round 2: 20 points per correct pick
Round 3: 30 points per correct pick
Round 4: 40 points per correct pick
Round 5: 50 points per correct pick
Round 6: 60 points for national champion

2 bonus points will be awarded per correct "Upset Pick," which is defined as any team 2 seeds lower than its opponent. In other words, if you pick a 10 to beat a 7 in the first round, you'll get the 10 points for the correct pick, plus 2 points for the upset bonus. The bonus upset points extend through every round of the tournament.

Get registered now and let us know if there are any registration issues.