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Spontaneous Contest Thread

Aw, hell - we're all gonna be sitting around watching hoops and checking scores all day anyway - let's have a contest.

Pick the winners of each of the following games - by spread (pick the points winner, not straight up). We'll tally results at the end of the day and winner gets a free t-shirt. (Perfect entry also gets $30 gift certificate to Longhorns Limited.) Your picks must be posted to the comments by 1:00  p.m. CT to be counted. In the event of a tie, we'll break it tomorrow with one game, picking the score.

Syracuse +1.5 vs Notre Dame (ND wins 89-83)

Colorado +12 vs Texas Tech (Texas Tech wins 81-71)

NC State +9 vs Duke (NCSU wins 85-80)

Nebraska +4.5 vs Oklahoma State (OSU wins 54-39)

West Virginia +4 vs Louisville (UL wins 81-72)

Baylor +3.5 vs Missouri (BU wins, 97-83)

LSU +1.5 vs Tennessee (LSU wins, 76-67)

Ready: go.

Update [2007-3-8 12:47:0 by HornsFan]: By the way - previous t-shirt winners. Yours went out in the mail this week. Way late, of course, but finally. On the way.