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Spontaneous Contest Thread 2

Another day of hoops, another set of picks. Winner gets a t-shirt. Perfect entry gets $30 to Longhorns Limited. Remember, you're picking against the spread, not straight up.

Entries do by 11:15 a.m.

Michigan +8 vs Ohio State (OSU wins 72-62)

Oklahoma +10.5 vs Kansas (KU wins 64-47)

Texas Tech +1.5 vs Kansas State (KSU wins 66-45)

Michigan State +3.5 vs Wisconsin (WIS wins 70-57)

Notre Dame +4 vs Georgetown (GU wins 84-82)

Oklahoma State +9 vs Texas A&M (OSU wins 57-56)

Pittsburgh +2 vs Louisville (PITT wins 65-59)

Baylor +9 vs Texas (UT wins 74-69)

Ready: go.