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Rick Barnes Makes Me Laugh

You gotta love Rick Barnes. You just gotta.

Not only has the man brought some of the country's most exciting basketball to Austin for the last decade, but he's got a tremendous sense of humor. TJ Ford often relayed stories of pranks Barnes would pull, like putting whipped cream in a player's shoes before tip-off.

Now, we get this anecdote from last night's awards banquet:

Texas coach Rick Barnes is known for his humor and he certainly played to the crowd during Monday's basketball banquet at the Erwin Center.

During an on-stage question-and-answer session with star freshman Kevin Durant, Barnes pointed out how he felt bad for Wisconsin's Alando Tucker, Texas A&M's Acie Law and North Carolina's Tyler Hansbrough for having "to follow the Kevin Durant trophy tour" as Durant swept all six national player of the year awards.

Then came this dandy.

"I felt like looking at Acie and saying, 'Poooooor Aggie!"

Barnes is a damn funny guy, though as always, it's impossible to top the humor received from watching the Aggies themselves.