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Dude, This Is Lame

Now that the new site has tags for stories, I know exactly how I'll label this one: "Oh, brother."

In what might be the single most ridiculous post I've ever seen, USC blogger Brian Grummel files a note about Texas' decision not to comply with the NCAA's media guide rules. Specifically, Texas put out a 272 page media guide, overshooting the NCAA limit of 208 by a full 30%.

Pointing this out is one thing, but Grummel doesn't leave well enough alone, instead tacking this ridiculosity on to the end of his post:

This isn't a big deal obviously, but it just flies in the face of any sanctimony from the Texas camp about being within the rules any time they start slinging mud at Texas A&M or Oklahoma or USC or whoever.

Seriously? Because an oversized media guide is the same as making up fake classes, paying players, and... well, the list at USC is too long.

I'll keep pissing on all three schools, thank you very much. And I don't give a sh-t about the media guide.

Nobody else does, either.