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Chasing Chancey

With Texas news slowing to a crawl, let's dip our toes into the netherworld that is college football recruiting to take a look at the biggest prize left on the table for Texas - Garland, Texas defensive end Chancey Aghayere.

Targeted by Mack Brown since the beginning, the ridiculously talented defensive end is now one of - if not the - hottest commodities in the country. recently released their Pre-Evaluation Top 100 list of the country's best prospects and 6-4, 241 pound Aghayere is in the mix. With the Aghayere lust reaching a boil, the list of offers he's received has peaked. Along with Texas, Aghayere has offers from LSU, Florida, Notre Dame, Oklahoma and Southern Cal - among others.

Longhorn fans can feel good about their chances because of Aghayere's roots (both his parents are Texas graduates), but the prize of this year's senior class has decided to take things slowly and consider all his options. He currently lists Texas, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, and LSU as his top four, though he notes that his mind is open and his list fluid.

The waiting game will continue through the summer, however, as Aghayere has made it known that he won't be making an announcement until September 17th, his eighteenth birthday. If he chooses Texas, it would be quite a present for the Longhorns, as well.