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Joseph Krebs and Randy Boone combined for a five hitter on Sunday, helping Texas sweep the Red Raiders in Austin. The Longhorns rallied from a 2-1 deficit with three runs in the 7th on an RBI single from Jordan Danks, an RBI double from Kyle Russell, and a sacrifice fly from Chance Wheeless. With the win, Texas improved to 11-3 in Big 12 play, 30-10 overall.

Former standout safety Michael Griffin is logging an NFL Draft Diary as he prepares for the big NFL weekend on April 28th and 29th. Every reasonable draft projection has Griffin being selected within the first two rounds.

Reader Caradoc emailed to pointed me to a retrospective piece from Empty The Bench on the 2006 NBA draft. On Aldridge, they write:

Like Bargnani, Aldridge was making a huge impact for his team until being sidelined late in the season. An irregular heartbeat had some worried about his future, but fortunately a minor, mostly routine procedure should correct the problem and let him be ready to go for the 2007-08 season, likely as a starter for the Blazers.

Just 21 years old, the athletic 6-10 leaper flashed his massive potential on March 23 in an overtime win over the Atlanta Hawks, when he logged 48 minutes and put up 27 points on 57% shooting, tacking on 14 boards (9 offensive), 2 steals, and 3 blocks. He put up similar stats on March 13 against the Denver Nuggets. Aldridge has a great knack for offensive rebounds already, and it looks like the trade from the Bulls will end up as a rare misguided personnel decision by Chicago GM John Paxson.

Speaking of former 'Horns in the NBA, TJ Ford has helped lead the Toronto Raptors to an Atlantic Division crown in the Eastern Conference. He averaged 14 points and 8 assists in just over 30 minutes a game. The Raptors will be the #3 seed in the playoffs and will likely host New Jersey or Washington in the first round.

On Friday I chimed in on the Don Imus situation with a couple of brief thoughts, concluding that it was damn near impossible to weigh in on such a complicated issue properly in as few words as are reserved for newspaper columns. This blog's #1 fan (my mother) had to email me on Sunday with a follow up thought: "I read your post on Don Imus, and I thought it was very good.  You should read Frank Rich’s column ($) on the same subject in today’s "Week in Review" section in the NY Times.  He is the most thoughtful person writing opinion columns today, in my view, and he does what you say can’t be done—get to the meat of the subject in 800 words."

I read it, and have to agree with her.  Score another one for my mom.