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Your Help, Please

I won't ask many favors of you, but I've got one that I need some help on.  You may recall my March interview with my favorite Austin-based band, Moving Matter. MMHorns and I had a chance to see them play this past Saturday night for the official after party for STS9, and it was a damned great show. The venue was packed and the energy stayed so strong for so long, that they wound up jamming until after 3:00 a.m.

The Moving Matter fellas also let me know that they're working really hard to get an invite to a festival in Minnesota that they'd love to play. And that's where we can help. All I need from you is three minutes of your time. Help me get Moving Matter to the 10,000 Lakes Festival. Let's put the Burnt Orange Nation power to good use...

All you need to do is copy the text below and click here to email it to the festival directors.

"I would like to recommend Moving Matter be added to the 10klf lineup. Moving Matter is an incredibly interesting, musically diverse, and wickedly fun to dance to band from Austin, TX who fuse high energy rock and trance in conjunction with one of the best light shows anywhere. Please make Moving Matter a part of 10klf!"

That's it.  I rarely ask for anything from the community, but this one would mean a lot to me.

Thanks in advance.