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Morning Coffee

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Today we all try to move on. For some, that will be much harder than others. Let us all try to appreciate the sanctity of life and cherish our loved ones. May God bless the extended Virginia Tech family.

As first noted by hodad in the Diaries, Vince Young will do a dance with the Madden cover curse this fall. The makers of the wildly popular video game have decided to put the Titans' star quarterback, who made the Pro Bowl in his rookie season, on the cover of their 2008 game. As TexasGal wisely notes, though, Vince hasn't had any trouble snapping streaks throughout his career. He put away USC's 34 game winning streak a month after appearing on the cover of the December 5, 2005 Sports Illustrated. It's going to take a lot more than a curse to slow down Vincent Paul Young, Jr.

ESPN's Chad Ford gives five reasons ($) why Durant should be the NBA's #1 draft pick. I guess I like the fifth one the best: He has the greatest chance to be Michael Jordan since Michael Jordan. Writes Ford:

At his size and with his unique skill set, he's capable of doing things no one in the NBA is able to do. He's driven. He's relentless. And some folks (including those at Nike) believe he has the potential to be the MJ-style face of the game in ways LeBron, Kobe and others have not quite done.

The last time we had a similar draft dilemma was in 1984, when everyone believed that Hakeem Olajuwon, not Jordan, was the best prospect. No one can fault the Rockets for taking Olajuwon No. 1 -- he won two NBA titles and is considered one of the five greatest centers of all time.

But MJ brought six titles home to the Bulls and is considered the greatest ever to play the game.

You may recall the top ten Rice baseball team coming to Austin in late March for a Tuesday evening contest at the Disch. The 'Horns won that game 6-4, and now the two teams will play game two of the series - this time in Houston. The Owls and Longhorns take the diamond tonight at 7:00 p.m. at Reckling Park. The game will be broadcast on CSTV as well as the Texas Longhorns Radio Network. Austin Wood (4-0, 3.88) will start for Texas; Chris Kelley (1-2, 4.04) will start for Rice.