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Go Time: Your Top -50- Longhorns Of The Last -50- Years

We're ready to start taking the players we've discussed and begin the process of sorting out an actual list. Since we started having this discussion, I've begun thinking more and more about how the list should actually look. I scrapped my original idea to compile a list of the top forty players of all time, and instead focus on Texas Longhorn football in the modern era. No matter what we choose as our criteria, the list is going to be somewhat arbitrary, but we have to set parameters of some kind.

In the end, I think the list that makes the most sense is the "Top 50 Longhorn Football Players Of The Last 50 Years." It's unfortunate that we won't be able to include Bobby Layne, but there are some compelling reasons for keeping this list to players of the last fifty years. I've done a lot of research, and I've taken into consideration all the input from you guys.  Here's where we stand:

There are currently 38 players who I consider locks for the list. In my estimation, there are 25 additional players who need to be sorted out for the remaining 12 spots. Here's your chance to make your case for "your guys." Obviously, being able to make a substantive argument about a player's merits, as opposed to just noting how "badass he was" is more helpful.

Without further adieu, here's what we've got.

Justin Blalock
Casey Hampton
Michael Huff
Derrick Johnson
Nathan Vasher
Roy Williams
Vince Young

Phil Dawson
Ricky Williams
Tony Brackens
Dan Neil

Doug Dawson
Kenneth Sims
Tony Degrate
Jerry Gray
Eric Metcalf
Terry Tausch

Eddie Phillips
Earl Campbell
Bill Atessis
Raymond Clayborne
Russell Erxleben
Scott Henderson
Johnnie Johnson
Roosevelt Leaks
Jerry Sisemore
Johnnie "Lam" Jones

Scott Appleton
Chris Gilbert
Glen Halsell
Tommy Nobis
James Saxton
Cotton Speyrer
James Street
Steve Worster
Bob Wuensch
Bob McKay

Bobby Lackey

And now for the remaining players in the conversation for the final twelve spots...

2000s Cedric Benson, Leonard Davis, Chris Simms, Major Applewhite, David Thomas
1990s Kwame Cavil, Pat Fitzgerald, Shaun Rogers, James Brown, Bryant Westbrook, Mike Adams, Blake Brockemeyer, Stanley Richard
1980s Britt Hager
1970s Steve McMichael, Bob Simmons, Doug English, Alan Lowry, Brad Shearer
1960s Tommy Ford, Jim Bertelson, Bill Bradley, Leo Brooks, Emmett Carlisle, Pete Lammons

Now that we've got all the names out here, the relevant questions:

(1) Do you disagree with anyone currently in the top 38?
(2) Are there any names not listed above that demand consideration for the final fifty?
(3) Who you got for the last twelve spots?

[Readers note: A lot of these names may be unfamiliar to you - especially the players in the 1960s and 1970s. I urge you to look up names you don't know before chiming in. Think of it this way: if you're anything like me, you've been telling yourself for years that you're finally going to become a better student of Longhorn football history so that you can appreciate all of Texas' great teams over the years. Here's your chance to learn some of the names that define this program's history and tradition in the modern football era.]