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Morning Coffee

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I was just going to make brief mention of this event, but Cody Cheek (better known around here as txtwstr7) emailed with a firsthand account. Take it away, Cody:

I don't know if you saw the article on yesterday, but Mad Dog held a workout for the ROTC programs on the UT Campus.  It was actually the second workout he's held for Army ROTC, but since he didn't tell the Public Affairs Officer for the Football team before the first workout, they wanted him to do it again with all the services in order to get publicity for the team.  Hey, I'm not complaining.

It was a great event, as McCoy, Lokey, Orakpo, Okam, and Kelson all came out during their off-day to work with the future junior officers of the U.S. Military.  Orakpo is f-ing huge, by the way, check the photo gallery.  You should also check the photo gallery to address the concerns about Colt McCoy getting too muscular to maintain his speed...non-issue.

Really nice gesture from Mad Dog, who brought out several of his own instructors, in addition to the players... I want to emphasize that both the instructors and players were extremely professional about the event and made all the cadets feel like they really wanted to be there, instead of it being an unwanted obligation or distraction.

The Longhorn baseball team is in Lincoln for a three game set with the Cornhuskers. TexasSports has a first look at the series. Expect Corn Nation, which is heavily focused on college baseball, to be covering every pitch. Texas will go with James Russell on Friday, Adrian Alaniz on Saturday, and Joseph Krebs to close out the series on Sunday. Nebraska is 22-15 on the season, 7-8 in Big 12 play.

ESPN's Chad Ford is reporting that Greg Oden and Mike Conley Jr. will enter the NBA Draft. I can't say I'm surprised.