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Today's Headlines: Texas Baseball, Top 30 Football Games, Poor Argumentation, SMQ

Kyle Russell hit for the cycle on Tuesday night during Texas' 11-1 win over UT-Pan American. The Longhorns picked up the 11 runs on just 13 hits, in large part due to the 11 walks they collected. The Horns now gear up for a road series in Stillwater against Oklahoma State.

Over at Rakes of Mallow, Chris has given a rundown of his top thirty college football games of the 2007 season. The list is broken down into two parts. Two Longhorn games (vs OU / at A&M) made the list, and Chris was unapologetic about not considering Texas' non-conference slate.

Despite the fact that TCU ought to be a strong team this year, he's right - it's a pitiful non-conference slate. Arkansas State, Central Florida, and Rice are all automatic wins. With that said, I'm expecting the Big 12 to be considerably better than it was last year, so conference play isn't going to be a walk in the park.

CFR points out college football's increase in popularity as a data point for not adopting an end-of-year playoff.

There is a case to be made against a college football playoff, but pointing to this data is patently absurd. Especially when that other football league is enjoying even greater growth in popularity while being a sport in which 12 of its league members make the playoffs each year.

This is just one example of far too many where CFR picks up news bits - almost willy nilly, really - and tries to cram the story to fit his preconceived judgments. Proceed with caution.

I'm a bit of a broken record on this, but there's no real way to overstate SMQ's awesomeness if you're a college football fan. His daily hubs and absurdly premature preview series are all must-reads.