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Today's Headlines: Big 12 & ESPN, Bad Ideas From Bryan-College Station, Texas Baseball

The Big 12 conference and ESPN have inked a multi-year deal that extends their partnership through the 2015-16 season. According to the the conference's press release, Big 12 football will now receive 19 telecasts per season (including the Big 12 championship game), while "exposure will be enhanced by broader distribution of regional telecasts on ABC as the geographical footprint of affiliates carrying Big 12 games will be expanded."

The partnership extends to men's basketball, as well, where the Big 12 will become the first conference to be guaranteed three weekly telecasts on ESPN or ESPN2.

As much as we carp and complain about the various deficiencies of ESPN broadcasting, this is undoubtedly a good thing for Longhorn fans. The ubiquity of ESPN has its downsides, but this agreement assures Big 12 sports fans of having ample opportunity to watch their teams compete live.

Speaking of the conference, an imbecil on TexAgs proposes that the Aggies join the SEC. The usual hilarity ensues, though there are some smart Agros that step up to make rational points (against such a bad idea). Nonetheless, if you need a fun way to kill five minutes of your day and want a good laugh, well, here you go.

(A thought just occurred to me: as little news there is during the offseason, I think adding a "Hilarious TexAgs Thread Of The Day" may be something we throw in to the regular agenda.)

James Russell will try to rebound from a rough outing in Lincoln last week when Texas takes the diamond in Stillwater tonight against Oklahoma State. The 'Horns have won all six of their Big 12 series and are close to clinching the Big 12 title. TexasSports has your series preview, and we'll be tracking the results throughout the weekend here.