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Today's Headlines: Longhorns In The NFL Draft, Jeremy Hills, Terrelle Pryor To Visit Texas

Let's start with the NFL Draft, where seven Longhorns were selected over the weekend. It was the most since seven 'Horns were drafted in 1992, and marked the second consecutive year that 6+ Longhorns were selected. Texas has also now had a player selected in the first round in each of the last four years - the first time that's happened since 1977-1980.

I'd be remiss not to note, too, that Texas A&M had as many players drafted this weekend as my family did. Oklahoma? All Day - a special talent - was taken in the top ten, but the Sooners were shut out after that until Rufus Alexander (6th round) and C.J. Ah You (7th) were selected. On the surface, this doesn't mean all that much. After all, Texas won't win any more games in 2007 by losing seven NFL-caliber players.

Don't think, though, that high school recruits don't keep an eye on these things. And don't believe for a second that the Texas coaches won't be whispering to them about how much better they are at developing players for the pros than their rivals. It doesn't even matter how much truth there is in that, either - when 13 Longhorns are drafted over a two-year span, recruits will pay attention. These kids all want to play pro ball. The message they're getting is: "Go to Texas. They develop NFL players."

In any case, congratulations to all the national-title winning Longhorns who were drafted this weekend. Best of luck, also, to Tully Janszen, Ramonce Taylor, Selvin Young, and Lyle Sendlein as they try to latch on as undrafted rookie free agents.

Orangebloods notes that 2008 Texas recruit Jeremy Hills was named the MVP at Saturday's Fort Worth Nike Camp. Hills didn't have to attend, of course - he's not hoping to pick up scholarship offers - but he wanted to test his mettle against other top prospects. Fine by me. Dan Buckner, the prize of the '08 recruiting class at wide receiver, was the only other Texas commit in attendance.

Jerry Scarborough, author of the popular "True Orange" newsletter update, is reporting that the nation's top quarterback prospect, Terrelle Pryor will, in fact, visit Texas. If you've seen videos of this kid, the comparisons to Vince Young are not without merit. He's gigantic, ridiculously athletic, and has that uncanny ability to make people miss. Frankly, if I'm Pryor, I have to give Texas a long, hard look, if for no other reason than because there's exactly zero chance that the coaches won't misappropriate your talent. Mack Brown and Greg Davis have been VY Baptized - they'd know just what to do with him. The number of scholarships available for Mack Brown is dwindling, but you can be damn sure that the staff would do anything necessary to make room for Pryor if he is in fact interested.