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What's Wrong With Jordan Danks?

Texas center fielder Jordan Danks is in an absolute tailspin. In one of the oddest twists of the 2007 season, Danks has completely fallen apart over his last eight games after a tremendously productive start to the year.

After spending a good chunk of the year batting third for the Longhorns, Garrido decided that Danks (who was leading the team in on-base percentage) would be an ideal candidate to bat leadoff instead of Travis Tucker. Garrido made the switch on April 3rd, and for seven games, everything was going well.

Danks picked up 9 hits in his first 28 at-bats batting leadoff, and the four walks he picked up brought his season total up to 36 on the year - an outstanding rate.

On April 17th, though, Texas played Rice in Houston, Danks went 0-5 with three strikeouts, and he's been lost at the plate since. Over his last eight games, Danks is just 5-37 with only one walk and thirteen strikeouts. During Sunday's finale over Oklahoma State, after Garrido dropped him to seventh in the lineup, he went 0-5 with four Ks.

There's been no official explanation for why Danks is in such a glaring rut, but the one walk over his last eleven games is a clear sign that he's completely lost at the plate. Texas could really use the old Danks back - his ability to get on base and set up innings was a tremendous boon to the team.

What's wrong, Jordan Danks?