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Around The 'Sphere

We've been so terribly swamped with things to do of late that we haven't had a chance to properly direct you to all the interesting articles being produced by our colleagues. 'Bout damn time we took care of that. All links will pop to new windows.

Mike of SBN's outstanding Louisville blog Card Chronicle won the NBX Battle of the Blogs Bracket Challenge, which is impressive in its own right, but doubly so because of his reward: a free keg of beer. Yes, Mike's been promised a free keg of beer as part of his prize package, so if you're in the Louisville area, be sure to check out the party details. The list of confirmed guests is outstanding. In particular, you Gus Johnson fans will be pleased to see he's already RSVPed, which means we'll have running commentary throughout each keg stand. "Fifteen Seconds! Twenty! OH MY GOD! TWENTY FIVE SECONDS! The slipper still fits!"

The Corn Nation Big 12 Baseball Week In Review is up. Terrific way to keep abreast of the happenings around the conference.

Kyle has added a co-author over at Dawg Sports, which has doubled the amount of content, and doubled my pleasure in checking in on Bulldog happenings. MaconDawg has proven himself a terrific complement to The Mayor.

Seth at Double T Nation has found his new Red Raider football obsession: 6'3, 225 pound wide receiver Michael Crabtree. The kid sounds like a terrific target for Graham Harrell, who should put up some monster numbers as a junior this fall.

We're nowhere near this happening, but if Rick Barnes does get lured away from Texas to coach somewhere else, Brian at MGoBlog and Dave at Maize N Brew have set the bar awfully high for covering coaching searches. Truly first rate blogging by both as Michigan worked to replace Amaker.

Tennessee won the women's national title in basketball on Tuesday night, to the delight of Joel. Congrats to Pat Summit on her seventh national title. Maybe Arkansas should think about hiring her.

You know what I love about Roll Bama Roll? They have a vocabulary word of the day. Not only educational, but entertaining. Es good blogging, yes?

If you haven't been paying attention. . . well, shame on you. The Sunday Morning Quarterback is already rolling out his absurdly premature previews of 2007 football teams, and he's hit several Big 12 opponents already. Be sure to head over and scroll through the last two weeks' archives to get your pre-pre-previews.