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The Aggies Are Class-tastic

Forgive me for indulging in one last bit of schadenfreude before I settle in for some Easter Sunday Masters watching.  Yes, once more, it's Fun With Aggies.

After Billy Gillispie shunned staying at Texas A&M for a chance to coach at Kentucky, the reactions among the Aggies were mixed. Some handled it with humor. Some handled it with class.

Many more, though, flushed dignity down the toilet in homicidal rage.

A quick perusal of Billy Gillispie's MySpace page reveals a terrifying range of comments, all of which I captured by screen shot.

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From Kenny, we get juvenile pettiness and bigotry:

Jonny wishes BCG the worst:

BJ gets creative with the dictionary:

Krystal exacts female revenge:

Aggie John does what Aggies do:

And, my favorite, from Dustin, who looks to be twelve years old and totally, horribly corrupted:

You know what's funny about this whole situation?

All of it.