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EDSBS LIVE Talks With Grand Poobah

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It's Tuesday, which means another edition of EDSBS LIVE this evening with Orson and I. Tonight, we talk pigskin with the grand poobah of college football chronicling - Tony Barnhart.

What: EDSBS LIVE online radio

Where: At NowLive, where you can chat with each other and the show hosts throughout the broadcast in the online forum (which has gotten damn lively). To phone in to the show, just call (310) 984-7600.

What: Tonight's special guest is Tony "Mr. College Football" Barnhart, a columnist for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and author of "Southern Fried Football: The History, Passion, And Glory"

Four Questions: As always, our four questions for the night.

1. Which sportswriter gets under your skin the most? If Richard Justice is in the building, he may want to duck when the Texas football fans start chiming in on this one.

2. Tell us a sportswriter you like who others seem to underrate and/or unfairly bash? Lots of Texas fans rip on John Lopez for being some sort of biased Aggie, but I love his stuff. Always have.

3. You get to pick one writer who doesn't currently cover sports to become a sports writer. Who you got? I'll take Daniel Gilbert, who combines insightful writing with entertaining writing as well, or better, than anyone out there. He's Malcolm Gladwell with a razor sharp sense of humor. Sign him up for Page 2 already.

4. Because our show is so dependent on juvenile humor, the obligatory sex question: What's your lovin' song? Orson thinks he's Wilt Chamberlain when D'Angelo's "Untitled" is playing. Personally, I'm partial to some high energy Derrick Carter. You can call me Sketchy.

See you tonight at 6:30.