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Morning Coffee

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Today's Headlines: Johnnie Johnson, Bevo Bandit, The Big 12, Louisville's Offense, The Book Of Revelation Is Smiling

As noted in the diaries, former UT defensive back Johnnie Johnson was elected to the College Football Hall Of Fame, the 14th Longhorn to receive the honor. Johnson was an electric playmaker both on defense and on special teams, where he returned punts for the Longhorns. The 1990 Texas Hall of Honor inductee was All-Southwest Conference from 1977-79 and All-American in both 1978 and 1979. Last month, BON readers selected him as one of the 50 greatest Longhorns of the last 50 years.

Somehow, I missed this, but I was the only one. Some Austin chic robbed a bank in a UT hat. The puns are flowing fast and furious now.

Over at Dawg Sports, Kyle's excellent co-author MaconDawg takes a crack at defining the elite of college football in recent years. Unsurprisingly, Texas and USC top the list, with Oklahoma not far behind. Also not surprising: the Big 12's representation in the top 20 (at least by these criteria) ends there. The Big 12 has been the Big 2 for some time now.

I've got no horse in this race, but I'm curious: how do Dallas fans feel about Utah being up 2-0 on Golden State? If I were a Mavs fan, I think I'd be even sicker than I already was.

I was perusing Card Chronicle's list of the Top 25 returning offensive players in the Big East and had just one thought: how scary good would Louisville have been last year and next year with a healthy Michael Bush?

And last, since there's really not much Texas news to speak of, let's just take note that, even if there were, the End is surely near.