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Mack Brown Invades Your iPod

I was up late last night chatting with Orson about tonight's radio show, and I brought up how much fun it would be to have callers impersonating various football coaches. That quickly morphed into a discussion of doing NCAA Koach Karaoke.

Of course, Orson immediately said, "Hold on," disappeared for 30 minutes, and came back with an absolutely hysterical version of Sylvester Croom Croons.

After I caught my breath from laughing so hard, I begged him to turn me on to whatever recording technologies he was using to create such files. Enter: my new love affair with Audacity.

I only had a few minutes with my new toy before it was time for bed last night, but my oh my the potential for endless summer fun is there.

Literally: endless.

Anyway, the full hits aren't yet ready for release, but here's a teaser of Mack Brown's forthcoming musical debut: "Mack Brown's iPod: I Own This Shit"