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Morning Coffee

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Let's start with a little Durant lovin', as we continue the process of trying to let go of our '06 hero. The fine folks at 40 Acre Sports invited me to particpate in their "Kevin Durant Mock Draft," in which seven of us took turns drafting KD to our city of choice. I drew the second spot in the draft and - with New Orleans off the board - took Indiana. My rationale for the choice is up for your perusal.

Terrific diary question from Kahuna about the greatest rushes in UT history. Most of the best have been mentioned, but my all-time favorites, in no particular order: Vince against Kansas, Vince Rose Bowl game winner, any of about a dozen Earl Campbell running through helpless defenders cuts, the Ricky record-breaker, the Matt Nordgren Baylor touchdown gallop, and a Priest Holmes touchdown dive in the 1993 Sun Bowl. If anyone can find video of that last one, I'll be your best friend.

Some scheduling news on the football front: Texas' Saturday, September 15th tilt with Central Florida will kickoff at 2:30 CT, to be televised on ESPN2. The contest will mark the first meeting between the two schools, and will be the first game ever played at UCF's new stadium.

Former Texas standout Huston Street hit the DL on Sunday with inflammation in his elbow. Initial tests show no structural damage, which is a relief, but the A's are wisely shutting him down while he's experiencing pain.

Sticking with the Former 'Horns theme: The Tennessean has a nice piece on Vince Young's insatiable appetite for improvement.

Briefly: Bruce Feldman tipped us off to A&M tight end Martellus Bennett's MySpace page. Have a good laugh... Corn Nation sits down with Baseball America's Aaron Fitt... Nestor sets the bar for Karl Dorell success. Needless to say, the expectations are as realistic as Dorell is charismatic... Via Awful Announcing, I discovered you can play Tecmo Bowl online... Colt McCoy is good at football... Whether you're a Texas Tech fan or just a Big 12 fan, Double T Nation remains an excellent daily stop...