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Since I'm Following This As It Unfolds... Texas Longhorns Baseball Live Blog

We've got ourselves a terrific game unfolding at the Disch, with the 'Horns and Aggies tied 2-2 heading into the bottom of the 6th. It's been an interesting game so far, with both teams playing the game like it's a win-or-go-home situation.

Adrian Alaniz didn't have his best stuff tonight, and has been relieved by Joseph Krebs. The Aggies got a run in each of the third and fourth innings; Texas answered with single runs in the fourth and fifth innings.

I'll provide updates here as the game unfolds. Remember: a Texas win means an outright Big 12 title.

Bottom of the 6th

*Preston Clark, who's really come on strong over the last month, just led off the inning with a single. Nick Peoples will surely bunt here, and though I'm normally wary of sac bunts, this is an opportunity to play for one run I can live with. I'd still prefer we swing away, but whatever.

*After failing to get the bunt down on each of the firs two pitches, Peoples swung away with two strikes and hit into a double play.

*Fuller strikes out and the inning ends. To the 7th we go, still tied at 2-2. (By the way, Garrido has said he won't use Randy Boone unless it's "to win the game." We'll see...)

Top of the 7th

*After Krebs retires the first two Aggies, Blake Stouffer singled down the right field line. Nice play by Russell to keep Stouffer from getting to second.

*Krebs gets a chopper to retire the side. Garrido's done a lot of good things this season, but the move I like best was moving Krebs to the bullpen. While he might be a bit better than Austin Wood for that third starter spot, by moving him to the pen, Garrido's now got a guy he can use in high-leverage situations on a consistent basis. Smart move.

Bottom of the 7th

*After Josh Prince struck out, Texas picked up a baserunner after Travis Tucker reached on an error. One on, one out for Jordan Danks.

*Batting with a full count, Jordan Danks fouled off a number of two-strike pitches before getting something he could handle. Danks singled to left, putting runners on first and second with one out. Kyle Russell to the plate.  David Newman's well over 100 pitches and the Aggies will finally, reluctantly, go to the bullpen...

*Aggies bring in lefthander Kirkland Rivers and Russell goes down on strikes - swinging. Up to Wheeless now...

*And how 'bout that! Wheeless catches the Aggie third baseman playing back, drops a bunt down the line, and reaches on an infield single. Bases loaded, two out for Bradley Suttle. LET'S GO HORNS!

*Suttle hit one well in the gap, but the Aggies hauled it in. No runs, two hits, an Aggie error, and three left on base. We go to the 8th tied 2-2.

Top of the 8th

*Krebs strikes out the first two Aggie batters of the inning, his third and fourth of the night. Just an oustanding performance in relief.

*Krebs makes quick work of the Aggies in the 8th, retiring the final batter on a flyout. Outstanding...

Bottom of the 8th

*After a one-out single by Nick Peoples, Chais Fuller hit a grounder that looked like a sure-fire double play. Fuller reached on an error, though, advanced to second on the miscue, then scored when Josh Prince singled in the next at-bat... Texas 3 Texas A&M 2

Top of the 9th

*And that's it for Joseph Krebs; Garrido calls for Randy Boone to try to close out the 9th. Huge, huge performance from Krebs tonight; absolutely outstanding tonight.

*Boone strikes out the first Aggie! One down, two to go... Big 12 championship for Texas if Boone can get it done...

*Three pitches, three strikes! Boone K's another... One more for the outright title!

*STRIKE THREE! Boone K's the side! Pop the champagne, fellas!

Longhorns win the Big 12 Title!