Best Cover.  What's your take?

Ok, so I know this has little to do with sports.  Bear with me.  I got to thinking today, "What is the greatest cover song of all time?"  It's not such an easy question as I have several that I just wouldn't be able to take out of my MP3 player.  How does this relate to sports?  I'll get to that.

But I want your take?  What is the best cover song of all time.  I'll throw my opinion out there as Dave Matthews Band's version of a Bob Dylan (thanks BrooklynHorn) classic "All Along the Watchtower."  If you enjoy either DMB or Bob Dylan, or Jimi's version and haven't heard this version, do yourself a favor and go to YouTube and do a little search.  In fact, here you go:

Another good one: Nonpoints version of "In the Air Tonight" originally done by Phil Collins.

Ok, so here's how it relates to sports.  During the 2007 season, I'll be recording every UT game and creating a few highlight videos.  One for offense, one for defense, one for special teams, and one general highlight film (most likely with several songs).  I really want to do some research so this diary will be two fold.

  1. What is your favorite Cover song?  
  1. What are some really good "pump you up" ready to hit something songs that I can incorporate into some highlight videos?  They can be rock, rap, or classical.  Please, don't bother with country music for suggestions.  It just won't happen.  Maybe I missed a genre.  Feel free to add your own.


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