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EDSBS LIVE - BON Represent

It's Tuesday, which means another edition of EDSBS LIVE this evening with Orson and I. BON'ers need to represent loudly this evening, as there's rumor of a Mack Brown appearance at some point in the evening.

What: EDSBS LIVE online radio

Where: At NowLive, where you can chat with each other and the show hosts throughout the broadcast in the online forum (which has gotten damn lively). To phone in to the show, just call (310) 984-7600.

Who: Tonight's special guest is Paul Finebaum, Bama watcher and commenter extraordinaire.

Also joining us (woo multiple featured guests!) are Garry Paskwietz from and President Red Andrews, our good friend from BearMeat.

Four Questions: As always, our four questions for the night.

1. The big program you think really deserves the awe. I swear we didn't plan this (see Orson's answer), but.... Florida. Seriously: that's a freaking football factory.

2. The big program which has caused you the most personal anguish. Well, shit, we own just about everybody but OU, and we're even on a nice two-game streak versus them. Still, the first half of this decade sucked a dozen years off of my lifespan. Fuckers.

3. The little program you wish were a big program. Baylor! And not just because the Bear Meat editorial board deserves something nice... The weirdness of Baylor is America's best-kept secret. If only they received more national attention, everyone could share in the fun of gawking at the Waco cult university.

4. Because our show is so dependent on juvenile humor, the obligatory sex question: Tell us who's an overrated hottie. I love Orson's answer, and I'll add another thought. Watching the Spiderman movies, I can't help but wonder if the whole project was a little side bet between two bored producers. "Hey, let's make a wager: I'll name the five most uncharismatic actors I can think of, and you have to try to make a blockbuster. Up for it?"

Back to the question at hand, though: Lindsay Lohan. And it ain't close.

See you tonight at 6:30.