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Morning Corn Flakes

As Peter noted on Tuesday (and this morning), he has headed to Europe for a few days and handed us the keys to the palace.  We are Jeff and Abram of 40 Acre Sports.  If you clicked that link, you just saw a post telling you that we're over here right now.  So...sorry about the merry-go-round.  But, we are looking forward to next several days here at BON and we hope you'll decide to check us out in the future.

Pitching and defense were but rumors in the Horns' Big XII Tournament opening win against Kansas State yesterday.  Augie started Kyle Walker on the hill, and he gave up 4 runs in the top of the second.  Joseph Krebs filled in ably from the bullpen, and Texas got one run back in the bottom of the inning.  The bottom of the third, however, was when the game ended.  The Longhorns sent 15 men to the plate and put up a 10-spot in that frame.  K-State did score 6 more in the top of the 8th to pull within 3 at 13-10; but Texas added insult to injury by answering all 6 runs in the bottom half to give you your final score of Texas 19, Kansas State 10.  All in all, you've got to be happy with the fact that the Horns are 1-0 in the tournament with all 3 regular weekend starters still available.

On April 30th, Peter mentioned that Jordan Danks was struggling through an atrocious 5-37 slump. We've noticed that since then Danks has gone 12-26 with 6 walks (he only had 1 walk during the slump). If Texas is to go far it will need Danks producing at the top of the lineup, so welcome back Jordan.

Jordan Danks and Texas baseball return to action today at 4:30 PM CST against the #5 seed Texas A&M. The Aggies have now lost 4 straight games and 5 of their last 6. They may need to win their last two games to keep alive any hope to host a regional.

Finally, like Eric Cartman celebrating Scott Tenorman's pain in South Park, we're really enjoying the Celtics completely missing the Durant/Oden boat. Bill Simmons is learning in his latest column that you can't bash Rick Barnes then expect to get his best player.

Speaking of which, as UTFan85 points out in his diary (NOTE: we should really get these for our blog), KD will be joining Team USA in the 2008 Olympics. That ought to considerably improve our odds of avoiding embarrassment in Beijing.