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Morning Corn Flakes

Good morning to all. We wanted to first point out a few important news events pertaining to Texas over the last few days. As the big Andrew points out, the Big XII basketball tournament final game is going to move from Sunday afternoon to Saturday. We've always disliked that the Big XII tourney championship meant very little as far as seeding, and it's nice to see that changing. Sportsfan points out that the Big XII football championship game is moving to JerryWorld in 2009 and 2010. This ought to be a nice tune up for the 2011 Super Bowl which the NFL recently announced will be played in the same stadium, citing the stadium's ability to hold 100,000 of each team's richest business sponsors. The sports writers are going to love Dallas's dry counties.

There's a full slate of baseball games in Land Thieves City today.  The Longhorns' bracket starts the party with a&m against KSU just underway as this post goes up, and Texas vs. Nebraska following immediately afterwards.  The afternoon/evening session has Mizzou against Okie State and then Baylor against oklahoma.  The 7th-seeded sooners have been playing with purpose in the tournament, having already beaten OK State and Missouri.  A win over the Bears today puts ou in the championship game on Sunday.  For the Longhorns, an aggie win would render the game against Nebraska meaningless in terms of this tournament, but it is still relevant for Texas' quest for a top-8 national seed in the big tournament, which will be announced on Monday.

We have not been ones to hide our love of all things Vince Young. We were thrilled to read a great article in the New Orleans Times Picayune this morning about the reigning Rookie of the Year. September 24th, Monday night, VY v. Reggie Bush, we can't wait.

As a general rule, if we write in first person we do so in the plural form, so that every post is from both of us.  Keeps you guessin' that way (as if you cared). As another general rule, we don't do much writing about things going on for us personally. I'm going to go ahead and break both of those rules for a minute. My blogging partner and longtime best buddy, Jeff, is the director of a summer camp program called Camp Dream Street. As the full-time Assistant Director of the camp where Dream Street takes place, I am about to have the privilege of watching Jeff and his staff provide the best week of the year for 60 campers with various physical disabilities.  I sat down here to try and figure out how to describe to anyone reading BON this morning why we live in a better world because programs like Dream Street exist, but I don't know that there's any way I can do that in words.  So, take a few minutes and peruse the pictures from The Official Greatest Week of the Year in 2006.  It's well worth your time. Check the website periodically throughout the week for new pictures from Dream Street 2007.