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Morning Corn Flakes

A good morning to all. Today is a big day for Longhorn baseball fans as NCAA Tournament seeding will be released at 11:30 AM (CDT). We'll be shocked if Texas does not receive a top eight seed in the tourney, and mildly suprised if the seed is not in the top four.

A bit of sad news to report this morning. We both follow LSU sports fairly closely and were disheartened to hear that former LSU football player Marquise Hill is missing following a jetski accident on Sunday. Hill played his high school football in New Orleans and was a prominent player on LSU's 2003 National Championship team.  We hope Marquise is ok.

Here are some suggestions of some cool stuff to check out on the webernet today: Ladies... continues its series of "How to Make Love to a ____ Fan" with a BoSox version. It's quite hilarious.  Deadspin has some great commentary on the NBA Playoffs (he got his wish with a Cavs victory last night). And finally, in light of our references yesterday and below to Camp Dream Street, here is a very cool video from the New York Times on US soldiers training for the Paralympics.

We'll both be fairly busy for the next few days. If you're in Austin on this beautiful Memorial Day, please throw back a cold Shiner for us and enjoy your day off from work. We'll be back later with a recap of the tourney seeding.