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Morning Coffee

Today's Headlines: TJ Ford, Taylor Teagarden, Selvin Young, NFL Draft, BON Perversion, Excuses

Let's start with former UT standout TJ Ford, who was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday night following a scary injury during the Raptors' 98-96 win. As it turns out, the hospital visit was precautionary, a reaction to Ford's significant injury history. He's cleared all tests and, according to sources in Toronto, will start game six. Best of luck to TJ and the Raptors tonight.

While we're on the subject of injuries to former 'Horns, a while ago someone had queried me about Taylor Teagarden's rehab from Tommy John surgery. Taylor was actually doing quite well in his comeback, but his season is now on hold after he experienced elbow soreness last week. He was placed on the disabled list, though there's no update yet on whether he's suffering a long-term setback. We'll provide updates as they become available.

This was mentioned elsewhere, but Selvin Young has signed with the Denver Broncos. Given Young's skills as a special teams contributor, as well as Denver's proven ability to develop productive tailbacks out of just about anybody, there's some chance he sticks.

Speaking of the NFL Draft, Tim Griffin notes that Texas has had eight first round NFL Draft selections since 2004, while the rest of the Big 12 combined has eight during that same time period. Again, something to note as recruiting battles for the best prospects left on the board heat up.

I've now received four emails from fellow Longhorn fans with links to the same picture of pole vault athlete Allison Stokke. So, for the rest of you: here it is. The 18 year old (hear that, emailers?) athlete from Newport Beach, California (where my brother went to high school) has committed to compete at Cal this fall.

Last, allow me to apologize for the scant posting of late. Book deadlines are thumping me from every direction, which makes time for digging for offseason news all the harder. As always, keep things lively in the diaries as stories break. Or, even, just to dive into off topic questions that merit discussion.