Academic Reps of BCS schools

Academic rankings of BCS schools by Conference


I'm drinking my Bourbon well, pre-drinking for the Derby tomorrow. Anyways, I'm thinking about the Academic reps and standards of BCS schools. I know I could probably be all PHF or Billyzane and look it up on US News and World report, but I'm curious as to your opinions. I know some of you have attended other universities or lived in other regions (only Tejas for me) so what do you think of ranking the major BCS confs. by academic standards?  

It's just an opinion and I'm really trying to see what the majority of people would say is a better overall school.  So most people would say Vandy is a more prestigese college than say Miss state I'm assuming.  Please post your ranking below.  

Here are mine for the Big 12 but keep in mind I'm drunk:  

Big 12

  1. Texas
  1. Baylor
  1. Agrics
  1. Nebraska (I know the guy from Corn nation will be reading this)
  1. Colorado
  1. Kansas
  1. land thieves
  1. Missouri
  1. Iowa State
  1. Tech
  1. Ok State
  1. K state?

Please comment on that and change accordingly and add the other major conferences if you have time.  Thanks!

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